A story of Hope

Posted on Sun April 18, 2021.

Breath you take shouldn't be taken for granted.  Be grateful and give thanks for the smallest things in life.  The best things in life are for free.  These are called blessings.  Celebrate life and look at the world with new eyes.  Covid-19 has taken it's toll, still is, but if you find yourself being alive, that's a blessing.  If you have a family and are healthy, that's Gods way of telling you that He is still here, still in control, still bigger than any virus or sickness.

In a split second things can change, it actually did.  One moment everything was hunky dory and the next, the world was flipped upside down.  Yes, we panicked.  We were forcefully shifted out of our comfort zones and here we are, struggling to survive and make ends meet.  Everyone was affected, those in power too, because all of us are linked and interdependent somehow.  Every family has their own story to tell.  Some lost loved ones, some lost themselves in the process too.  Some ended up falling prey to depression.  Depression is real but it can be defeated.  Small steps are key and taking it day by day.  Slow is good. Slow is progress, as long as you keep on moving forward and as long as you have a positive support structure.  We are learning valuable lessons that we are always better off than somebody else.  We are fortunate enough to have more than the next person.  But what exactly is "more"?  More food or money?  More privileges of dining at fine restaurants or buying the latest fashion item?  The coolest phone or most expensive perfume?  "More" should actually not be based on material possessions.  "More" should mean more time with loved ones during lockdown.  "More" time to reflect on how cruel we have been to Mother Earth.  "More" time to ourselves, for ourselves.  "More" time to grow spiritually.  "More" time with life itself.

Let me not dwell on this rather sensitive topic such as spirituality.  Whether you believe in a higher power or not, just count your blessings and treat others the way you would want to be treated.  Always be kind as it will be returned threefold and that's all that matters.  If need be, start from scratch or pick up where you left off if you were fortunate enough to not lose everything.  We have lost jobs, we have lost life partners, we might have even lost our self-worth and pride but it's not too late.  For now, Carpe Diem.  It'll only be over, once He says it is.