Sandwich Harbour

We visit the amazing Sandwich Harbour during this five(5) hour tour. During the tour you can expect spectacular dunes, amazing wildlife and accelerating dune driving with our qualified guides.

Sandwich Harbour is situated 48 km's south of Walvisbay.  We pick you up at your hotel, and make our way to the lagoon in Walvisbay.  Here we spend a few minutes taking in the beauty of the area while viewing some amazing birdlife, of which the Flamingo is one!  From here we make our way pass the "Pink Lake".  This is a salt refinery plant.  The Sandwich area is a strange mystique, and it is believed that somewhere in the dunes is a ship buried with a rich cargo of gold, ivory and precious stones.  This treasure has eluded fortune finders unfortunately.  Along the way we have enough time to stop for photography.  If tides allow us, our drive will take us into the Sandwich Harbour Lagoon, referred to buy older text books as "Sandfisch Haven".  Should the tide prevents us from driving to the lagoon, we will view it from one of the many view points on top of a dune. 

On your return from exploring the area and picture taking, we will entertain you with a light lunch, either in the dunes or next to the beach on our way back.  The guide will take you on an accelerating dune drive, and be on the look out for wildlife, oryx, springbok, jackal, you might just see them running up a dune.

After a fun filled 5 hours, we drop you off at your hotel and say our goodbyes.