African Sun

Posted on Wed March 31, 2021.

Count yourself lucky if you came to Namibia and you've seen the most beautiful animals in the world.  There's no place like the Etosha National Park.  Well...maybe, but not quite as unique as the one in Africa.  To hear the king of the jungle roar or see the moving elegance of the giraffe, leaves one feeling completely satisfied.  Africa is contagious.  In a good way of course.  Waking up to birds singing or hearing the rumbling and trumpeting of the elephant, this being a true sight for sore eyes.  Just don't come too close or you might just never return to see your loved ones again.

Sometimes people forget that they are coming to Africa.  It is not Africa, if the sun isn't hot. Our eyes and skin have adapted to the African soil.  Perhaps not yours, thus Etosha wants you to come prepared.  Don't forget your camera!  For most of the year, weather conditions are favourable.  By that, I mean sunny and warm.  Our people appreciate the fine body contour lines of longitude and latitude so do cater for your finest beach wear.  Once you go back, you'll even miss the annoying sound of mosquitos when taking a nap.  That's why here, we use mosquito repellent.  I suggest you do the same.  Make sure to pack that first.  On the contrary, perhaps not.  That comes to a close second.  Your passport should be first.

When you hear the word, Etosha, it might as well be synonym to The Big Five.  Yes, if you're lucky, you might see them all in one day.  Remember, I said "if" you are lucky.  But Africa is full of  surprises.  Interesting animals of all shapes and sizes will pop up next to the road as you embark on your journey elsewhere.  Wherever you find yourself, you WILL see sand and dry grass and you WILL  be thirsty.  Namibia makes its own brew.  One cold Windhoek Lager will make you speak in tongues.

What better way to capture the beauty of all that Etosha has to offer, with a sundowner (or a lager) and finest guide sharing the love of nature.  A few, not beer, are all you'll need to convince so many out there who thinks that Africa is just bush, lions and half naked people speaking  words that fascinates mankind.  Here, we like wearing clothes too and yes, it does get cold.  No snow though, but South Africa comes pretty close during winter.

Here, we mind our own business but we are warm enough people and very accommodating.  We are rich in culture and are extremely proud of our heritage.  Mostly, we speak Afrikaans.  Learn now already that we put emphasis on the letter "g".  For most of the world out there, you'd pronounce "g" as a silent sound formed at the back of your throat, for example God or goat.  In Namibia, we have no time for silent letters.  Here, we abuse them!  Google is your friend.  Start with "Goeie more"...which means good morning.  There are many.  Try "gaan" (go) or "gee" (give).  "Gou" (quickly) or "geld" (money).

As we all know, violence is something we have no control over but here we look out for each other.  Namibia is one of the few countries where the violence rate is rather low.  Be sure to always move in groups, and the fastest way to show people here that you are not foreign, is when anyone weird approach, just shout "Voertsek!" out loud.  Pronounced as "foot-sek"".  Because of the good upbringing that is taught here, I think it's best to rather not ellaborate on the English meaning of that word.  Again, Google will do you that favour.  So for now, let me leave it at that.  "Go well".  In Afrikaans, I means "Goed gaan", with an abused letter "g".