Enchanting Forest

Posted on Sun April 18, 2021.

You can't travel to the South and not go see the spectacular view of the Quiver Tree Forest.  It's strikingly beautiful  and makes a lovely picture.  Rare of its kind, the thorny structure add to the exquisite beauty as a whole.  The exact same place where Dantago saw Thandi for the first time.  He couldn't take his eyes off her.  For a split second he somehow got confused as to why he was there in the first place.  It's beauty was immediately replaced by that of Thandi's.

"Close your mouth", he heard Thandi say as she came closer.  "It's impolite to stare, don't you know?  Why are you here?  The trees are off limits for you today."  Dantago was shy but was rather impressed by her forwardness.  "Hi, I'm Dantago.  Do you always talk too much?"  He noticed how elegantly she was dressed from head to toe.  He sensed that she was Nama too, just like him.  Her head was covered with a soft pink organza headscarf.  Her dress was clearly handmade, as colourful as the rainbow, rounded off with an apron matching the headscarf.  Nama dress patterns comprise of small material squares needled together.  She had on closed shoes made of leather.  

"Why are you dressed like that?",  Dantago asked pointing at her.  "Like what", Thandi snapped back.  "Can't you see over there?  My Aunty Koros got married.  We're here for the photo session.  I think they chose this venue to make Uncle Agarob look good.  He's always intoxicated, so my Aunty said she hopes that the trees can work it magic today."  Datago laughed and Thandi secretly smiled too.  Agarob never went without his favourite drink, Tombo.  At least he won't begged to smile today.

They both liked each other.  Body language is a big thing for this rich culture, not to mention the respect that a male must show a female.  They instantly became friends and always met secretly at the Quiver trees.  They would play for hours on end and Thandi later started spoiling Dantago with food.  He always seemed hungry.  She'd pack a picnic basket with all kinds of goodies in.  Donkey meat, kaiings, magou and would also properly pack tin cups and plates too.  She'd have a quilt for them to sit on as this area is very rocky and sandy.  For dessert they'd always find a tree to enjoy "dani" from.  Dani means "boomgom".  Hide and seek followed, story-telling would begin and before they knew it, the sun would go down.  They were always sad to leave the forest.  They were happy there and seemed to forget about all their troubles at home.  Had it not been for the forest, Dantago and Thandi would not have been married today.  Sixteen years later and they still visit the Quiver Tree Forest for their anniversary.