Namibia's finest...Swakopmund

Posted on Tue April 13, 2021.

So the other day I found myself sitting in the car waiting for my husband who had to pay some sort of medical bill.  When bills are to be paid, the wife needs to go with to take note of how wisely and responsibly the money is used.  If he doesn't invite you...well, you can put one and one together.  It's almost forty degrees outside and as the heat rises in the car, so are my stress levels because really now, how many people are involved exactly for paying a single bill?

Then I saw them.  Khaki coloured shorts, hats, camera, sandals and backpacks.  They have the ability to not quite blend in.  They can be spotted a mile away.  There's something about Namibia that intriques them.  Swakopmund is one of their favourite holiday destinations.  In fact, one of the favourites to most of the Namibian population.  A small, quiet town, where everything and everywhere you want to go is within reach.  Yes, walking distance my friend.  "Hier sal jy loop!"   The greenest palm trees, (we have other ones too), beautiful sea and buildings that are German structured.  Quite picturesque.

There's enough to keep yourself busy with.  If sky-diving is your thing, be crazy and go for it.  Just make sure to go to the loo first.  If you feel like getting up close and personal with camels, go ride them.  They make great selfies.  Tourists anyway get so see more than locals do.  That's entirely our own fault.  We are simply too busy.  One should be careful of dying whilst being too busy.  Once you're dead, "being busy" dies right with you.

As you take a stroll along the beach, somewhere you'll find the well-known yellow food truck.  Whatever satisfies your tummy, believe me, they'll have it.  Okay, maybe not Kapana.  You MUST try Kapana.  A Namibian delicacy enjoyed with relish and "vetkoek".   "Vetkoek" is Afrikaans.  People here refer to it as "fatcake" but who am I to judge by saying that's wrong?  It's simply direct translation and that's exactly what it is.  Sweet dough kneaded into a round ball that's deep fried in hot oil.  Kapana is beef.  No further explanation needed, just come taste for yourself.  Back to the truck, their food is "lekkerrrr!"  Fork'nnice!  Try translating THAT into English.  I can already hear how foreigners would pronounce the word "lacker".  Well, "lacker" means nice.  As they say, local is "lacker"

Now here, we don't do barbeques.  We don't fry burgers or patty's.  We "braai" meat and sausage, maybe with pap on the side or roosterbrood.  "Pofadder" which is ..(.snake). "Skilpaadjies" (tortoise), sosaties (meat skewer/kebab) and most importantly...Basterslaai (Coloured salad...LOL)  Potatoe salad.  Take your pic and choose your drink.  It's not for free though, unless you're invited.  Don't invite yourself, we are orig enough...(that means forward/nosy), to get to know y'all first.  Oh and by the way, the snake and tortoise part, is not real.  We just call it that.  You'll love it.

Here, we don't call them cabs.  They are known to us as Taxi's.  They don't necessarily like you.  They are merely honking to see if you're interested to be dropped off somewhere.  A single trip to any location will cost you more or less, almost a dollar.  US Dollar that is.  We have all things you have, but I bet you aren't here for that.  You come for the sand, dunes and sea.  Now we're talking.  You're thinking Oshili Namibia Travel and Tours, right?  Right!  So go ahead and click, we'll make sure you'll get first-hand experience of all that Swakopmund has to offer.  That's Swakopmund for you...surely Namibia's finest!!