Oshili Energy

Posted on Sun April 18, 2021.

Make memories while you're young, to have something to discuss when you're old. Take trips, try different foods and skinny dip when it's cold. Jump off a bridge, dive from a plane - you'll never know your time. Do all the things on your bucket list before you're sixty-nine. And even when you're old and grey, energetic perhaps no more, do new things everyday that makes you feel young at heart like before. Who decided life should stop at fifty - you, me or them? It's your life, your decisions, be bold and have fun my friend!                                              

And when kids try to stop you for some or other weird reason, let them know you're the parent, it's your time, not their season. Go wild, let down your hair and spend money on stupid things, regret, forget, forgive and laugh, just fly on eagles wings. Make weird decisions, whatever consequences life might throw at you, at least for a second time round, you'll know what to do. Live a little, go crazy and do what you once would have done      don't let life go by, be more than alive, be sure to have lots of fun!