Posted on Wed March 24, 2021.

This is the start of our blog, and what better way to start it off by a poem written by Esparanza (Co-founder of Oshili) about how we started this journey called Oshili Namibia Travel and Tours. Pour yourself a glass of wine, take 10 mins out and enjoy!

To start a company can be one of the most challenging things to do, so let us share how Oshili Namibia started, with you

A leap of faith we took, not knowing how, where or when, yet we decided to take that step...so here is how it all began

A Foreign Exchange and Money Market Dealer, who felt restricted by eight  to five, who always had a love for nature and how things,  there survive

The thought of sand and sea, the wind, sun and earth has given way to Oshili Namibia Travel and Tours' birth

The Fish River Canyon is a must in the South to see, or perhaps even wildlife in Etosha, wandering free

Standing on the highest dune in the world, imagine being in Sossusvlei and even visit the Himba and Bushmen people on our way

Their click sounds are amazing you'll be intrigued by what they do, so much so you'd want a lot of pics for you

Damaraland is an option, the desert elephant to see, all these tours are tailormade especially for thee

Vast open spaces with cocktails and safari to explore, will lead you straight to Namibia, Africa once more

The cleanest air to breathe on dunes, overlooking the sea, experiencing pure bliss with an inner feeling of being free

Of the activities we offer at the coast, the Sandwich Harbour to mention one, or Cape Cross home to thousands of Seals baking under the sun

Perhaps you are into beach picnics, with a glass of bubbly on the side, who knows, even Skeleton Coast, where there are lots to hide

If romance is your thing, a desert dinner might do, something very unique for a special friend or two

Deep sea fishing is an option or birdwatching if you so prefer. Flamingos are an exquisite sight, that's for-damn-sure!

Oshili will treat you well - we do it African style, making you remember our Land of the Brave for a while

a cure for the soul and guaranteed rest,so go ahead and make that booking, with Oshili - simply the best!

                                                                                                                       - Esparanza