Left eye

Posted on Tue April 13, 2021.

She normally gets the most compliments because she can strike a pose like no other.  She also doesn't make noise like the rest of the clan, she just sits there baking in the sun, head pointed towards the sky.  Perhaps the stink of the others put her off, that's why she's always alone.  She projects a proud, stuck-up attitude when being admired, as she's very much aware of the fact that her furry skin  attracts a lot of  attention.  With her, it's . always an "ooh, aah or wow".  However, nothing is always a hundred percent perfect.  There's always some kind of flaw that makes us unique.  Everyone calls her Left eye and she lives at Cape Cross.

You'll find Cape Cross Reserve 130km North of Swakopmund, on your way to Henties Bay.  As you are about to step out of your vehicle, the smell will blow you away.  Perhaps literally but the sight of hundreds of seals and how they sound, is just something else.  There's something that draws you to them and as you linger near, you'd be drawn to Left eye.  She's always on her own and that attracts people to her silent, distant presence.  The Cape Fur Seal is the largest of the worlds nine fur-seal species.  Over 200 000 of these animals gather at Cape Cross during November/December season.

It's quite interesting how she ended up there as her mother was a fine swimmer.  Her mother joined the colony but soon felt that she wasn't welcome there.  They all saw her as an outcast and used to poke her left side as they often tried to push her back into the water to find another group.  Yet she was adamant and kept on coming back.  Clearly Left eye takes after her.  Stubborn as a mule.  All those years of poking caused Left eye's birth defect.  She was born with only one eye.  Her mother passed on.  From a very young age, she could feel the rejection and negative energy of the rest.  Nevertheless, her sadness soon disappeared as many came to mostly admire only her.

Over the years she had made peace with being alone.  It had its advantages.  Yes, she was often alone but never lonely.  How she loved the sun and the effect it had on her skin.  Until one day where someone spotted her exquisite beauty and took her far away.  She was moved to a space where millions could appreciate and admire her beauty on display.  She still thinks back of her younger years at Cape Cross.  With her mom, she had fond memories.  Now, Left eye is making new memories and still loves to strut her stuff in a more protected and confined space.