Posted on Tue January 18, 2022.

And...one, two, together.  Back two, three slide.  Forward,  two, thr... "Stop!  You're doing it wrong.  It's one, two three slide, then one, two, three together."

"Jerry...what difference does it make?"  Do your own thing.  Stop distracting me".  "Well if you do the dance properly, I won't be distracting you at all, now would I?", she snapped back at Thunder".  If you want the rain to be on time, you have to do it right.  Thunder just rolled his eyes and brushed Jerry off with a blah blah blah while continuing to step the way he knew best.  No clouds were forming though and secretly he thought to himself "what if Jerry was right?"  He's been at this for over an hour, non-stop and not a single cloud in the sky.

"Right, one more try.  Come here Jerry, square your shoulders.  Feet together, chin up and smile.  Here we go.  One, two, togeth...". "OUCH!! My foot!  Just stop it already.  Clearly you don't know what you are doing and you're making me look like a fool".  "Fool for who?"  There's no audience Jerry".  Thunder drops his head laughing and tells Jerry that she's taking this dance way too serious.  If it doesn't rain today, there's always tomorrow, but tomorrow doesn't form part of Jerry's vocabulary.  "Never put off till tomorrow what can be done today".  Jerry lived by this and every other animal knew it.  Thunder started strolling over to a tree nearby to just catch his breath in the shade but Jerry wouldn't hear of it.  "Thunder, if we rest now, we'll have another dreadful night of scorching heat and empty tummies.  No water, no food.  Rememmmmmberrr.  If you'll just listen to me, you might learn something.  Stop trying to be mister know-it-all and just listen for once".  Thunder was bored by the lecture and it showed.  But he decided to give it a try anyway.  Afterall, he didn't have anything to lose. 

"Fine!  Have it your way.  Come here woman.  Let's see if YOUR way works."  Ten minutes into it and Jerry began smiling secretly.  "What's so funny? Thunder asked being annoyed."  "Look", Jerry points.  "Where?"  "There fool", Jerry pointing at several clouds in the distance, forming.  "You see?  Women are always right".  "Yeah yeah, whatever", Thunder replied.  Deep down a feeling of joy crept up on him as he became hopeful that rain was on its way.  That meant going to sleep satisfied.  Once again he realized how lucky he was to have a true friend.  It can get quite lonely in the desert.  Though difficult and tiring Jerry was, nothing beats having company when it rains.  What better partner could he have asked for.  

Another hour passed and he felt the first few drops on his head...one, two, three.  One, two, three, reminding him of dancing and how to move.  He smiled approvingly at Jerry as they did the raindance in unison.  "Yep, Jerry was right afterall".

Then again, women always are.